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Monthly Archives: September 2008

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Eco Friendly Laptop- Asus Eco Bamboo Notebook

Brought to you by the same people who recently mesmerized the world with their ultra portable and affordable Eee PC, Asus recently again proved to be the trendsetter among the conceptually-challenged PC industry by launching a super stylish, yet environmentally friendly laptop, the Asus bamboo

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Green Office- A Facebook Application

Hello, dear valued friends and customers of Shoplet. We are really happy to announce to the world that our company,  under the guidance of our visionary CEO Tony Ellison, have recently launched several green initiatives, because we are truly concerned with the world’s diminishing resources

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Power Your Iphone

Swedish designer Peter Thuvander has designed an induction-powered yo-yo charger for iPhones and other Apple handheld devices.  Housing a lithium ion cell, and based on this, Peter is betting that the physics are close to there. “The remote control needs only 30 cranks–which is nothing

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Post It – A Cinematographic Masterpiece

Remember the days when office supplies were just another bland tool for the office, their utilitarian existence could trouble you less to their state of well-being unless they were seriously distorted, maimed, or missing? Well, things might have changed for the office supplies industry. Certain

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The Ultimate Desktop – Bumptop

Christmas came early this year ! As I without fail checked my Gmail account last Friday September 19th, expecting another bunch of emails that normally suffers through the inevitable fate of mass deletion, something piqued my eye luckily before my fingers were able to hit

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Chandler’s Academic Calendar – A Tribute

You have probably never even heard of Chandler’s Notebooks. In fact, in this age where you have seen exponential growth in the digitalization of all previously physical mediums, the chances are high that you have probably not even touched paper notebooks for a while. However