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Ecobutton helps reduce PC Power Consumption

Here is another little gizmo that I supposed to help with the carbon footprint.  Each time you take a short or long break, a phone call, go for a meeting etc. you simply press the ecobutton™ and your computer is put into energy saving ‘ecomode’ which ensures that both your computer and monitor draw only [keep reading…]

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Work Shoes-That Are Great For Your Feet!

What is it about women and office work shoes that is extremely bad for their body, and is sure to inflict all sorts of health problems down the line? Or rather, what is it about the women’s shoes industry that continuously makes and entices female office workers with these made for Stepford -wife shoes that [keep reading…]

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Pixel Art Takes A New Spill

I am always a sucker for gimmicks inspired by the old gaming days. These colorful drink coasters may just look like an abstract pattern, but thanks to some well placed perforations, you can actually make your own custom pixel art creations out of them. The coasters come in a single sheet, folded in 50 segments [keep reading…]

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Cute Laptop Sleeves That You Will Make You Famous

(At least in your Neighborhood) I love my laptop. The thing with laptops is that you tend sometimes develop some affection for it. You take care of it as much as possible, as it will be your sidekick for the next couple years to come. And you are always fearful for the first large scratch, [keep reading…]