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Spooky Office Supplies

Happy Halloween, to all you scary readers. Ok, I know that Halloween is in a couple of days – but like most holidays, we celebrate them the whole month before. What I love about halloween is the enthusiasm is brings among the creative minds. Between the amazingly detailed pumpkin carvings, the gruesome costumes, the spooky [keep reading…]

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Creative Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves have become another accessory of fashion as diversity in range and style increases. They are no longer only the protective enclosing for your precious new laptop but have become just another outlet for one to show. Moreover, i find it interesting that a majority of these eccentric laptop sleeves were made (or displayed) [keep reading…]

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Beautiful Calendar for 2009

Satsuma press just released a beautiful new calendar for 2009. titled ‘pattern + texture’, Satsuma’s new letterpress calendar was inspired by the owner’s love of Japanese textiles and vintage fabrics. These calendars are each made of 100% cotton paper. Even though these days most of my calendars are digitalized, looking at these beautiful calendars definitely [keep reading…]

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How to Squeeze More Hours Out of Your Day

Well, if you are someone who is feeling overwhelmed by your job, feeling that your work has snowballed into a bottomless vacuum that just sucks away all your available time and energy, well, don’t worry, you are not alone You are among 88% of the American workforce that have difficult time juggling between life and work. [keep reading…]

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Post it in Advertisements

Ahh, life takes reminders. Post its, our ever loving object of pure utilitarian pleasure, pops in expected and unexpected places to add spice, fashion, and convenience to life, just in case… During these unforgettable moments, you just happen to need a reminder to the best part of the moment. For more  of our obsession with [keep reading…]

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Worker Stats – You Are Not The Only One

Having recently became aware of my rapidly deteriorating health, and rapidly diminishing mental vitality at the tender age of 24, that’s right, 24, I set out to find interesting statistics regarding the average American workforce, in our continuing blog effort to raise worker’s awareness of their working conditions and educate you on how you can [keep reading…]