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Monthly Archives: November 2008

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Another Round of Diamond and Gold Electronics

 While the holidays is slowly creeping in, many high end manufactures are releasing their seasonal collection of uniquely expensive gifts. While these gifts are not too innovative, I always enjoying seeing how much “bling” they manage to stick on an average piece of electronics. Enjoy

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Crtl + Alt + Snooze

With this very simple, yet effective design, designer Santiago Cantera’s Escape Clock brings unity with  office . Find no tiny snooze button but a huge Escape button to hit on in the morning for a couple extra minutes of sleep. The snooze/clock button is connected

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The New Coming of The Floppy Disk

Remember the floppy disk, the 3½-inch black square that could store up to 1.44 MB and that is now relegated to landfill, and cost dollars to dispose of correctly. Anyway, like many things for the 80’s and90’s, it is having a stylish comeback. People are

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Best Inventions of 2008

Time Magazine has named 23andMe, one of the first consumer genetic testing services, its 2008 Best Invention of the Year. 23andMe brings Scifi to reality with  their $399 diagnostic test that uses a saliva sample to estimate a subject’s predisposition to 90 inheritable traits, ranging