Monthly Archives: February 2009

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Don’t Get Sick in the Office!

So while it’s the end of February and I expect a few sniffles at this time of year, I hate being sick and (almost) every year I manage to fight off the germie-germs that go round and round, especially in an enclosed office environment or

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Office Health: An apple a day..

Let’s all remember to eat lots of fruits and vegetables every day. Especially ones with writing on them by Sarah King. She makes fruit look real good. So after you eat your fruit, you can drink as many of these as you want: Sorry, I

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Office Supplies Art: Not Just the Normal Stuff.

Pencil Sculptures It’s amazing how pencils can be transformed into sculptures that look like scary sea creatures.  Visit Jennifer Meastre’s portfolio to see the entire collection. She has a whole section of pieces made with nails! Push Pin Art Made by Alison Foshee. I seriously