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TaxFest 2009 : Laugh, Cry, Get Organized

Growing up I don’t think I ever recognized tax season. Our tax man Neil would always come over to our house once a year, after dinner and that was the only time of year we ever saw him. Past age 18, my knowledge of tax season and what a pain it is has continually increased [keep reading…]

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Office Supplies Art: Not Just the Normal Stuff.

Pencil Sculptures It’s amazing how pencils can be transformed into sculptures that look like scary sea creatures.  Visit Jennifer Meastre’s portfolio to see the entire collection. She has a whole section of pieces made with nails! Push Pin Art Made by Alison Foshee. I seriously contemplated buying a ton of push pins and covering my [keep reading…]

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Franklin from Arrested Development + Skype

That is the first thing I thought of when I saw the new Little Island Robot. From what I understand, when you talk to someone on Skype you don’t need to be on a computer anymore. Now you can talk to a doll that actually sounds like your friend and moves its body too. Plus [keep reading…]