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Top 21 April Fool’s Pranks in the Office!

It’s that time of year again…it’s getting warmer, the birds are coming back, the Groundhog came and went…and tomorrow is that special day when you’d better watch where you sit. It’s April Fools Day! Here are some classic April Fools Day pranks you can pull on your co-workers. Feel free to share your own pranks [keep reading…]

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Hey! Get Outta My Trash!

Did you know that is perfectly legal for someone to look through your garbage can? With identity theft rampant, it’s so crucial to ensure that your documents are disposed of properly. One popular way of doing this is by using a shredder to render your sensitive documents unreadable. It also creates some pretty cool confetti! [keep reading…]

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Office Scramble!

Bored at work? Take a few minutes to solve our Office Scramble game! No peeking now… Common Office Supplies 1.) EANMICAHLC IENCPL 2.) UICLECB 3.) OFEEFC UMG 4.) HEDERSSDR 5.) UPORMCTE OITMORN 6.) ERGBAAG ANC 7.) RPIEASH ERANENPTM ARERMK 8.) WIGLSINEN RLTPESA 9.) UMOJB RAPPE IPSCL 10.) ASELE EAPPR . . . . . . [keep reading…]

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The Black Highlighter: Permanent Markers

The Onion has done it again. Every article I read usually makes me die laughing, including this one. The CIA accidentally used black highlighters to highlight critical info in their reports! Why didn’t they use yellow or pink? Obviously black permanent markers, even Sharpies, will blot things out. One of the directors said “it seemed [keep reading…]