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Checkout Shoplet in the Wall Street Journal!

What an exciting day it has been. Thank you to the Wall Street Journal for helping us get the word out about! From the article: “As the economy worsened last summer, Tina Tuomikoski, a purchaser for Omaha-based investment firm CDM Service Group, dropped two national office-supply chains in favor of lower prices from online [keep reading…]

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Band Your BooBoo

So I got a little papercut this morning taking some paper out of the printer (yawwwouch!) and it got me thinking, how is it possible that something as seemingly harmless as a piece of paper can actually cut through your skin and hurt so bad? So I did a little research: According to Wikipedia: Although [keep reading…]

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Need to let off some Steam?

Stressed out in the office? Try a few of these ideas to Relax, Relate, Release. **Go outside for a bit of fresh air. Clear your mind and just inhale (and exhale). **Sit in your car for a few minutes and turn the radio on, sing, and tune the world out. Or, try primal scream therapy [keep reading…]

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Get The Best Umbrella Out There

Here in New York, it rains a ton! I’m not used to this weather. You either need a hood or an umbrella almost everyday. Sadly I own a cheap umbrella from the Pay Half two doors down (one of those ones that doesn’t really curve down, it’s just kind of flat and when the wind [keep reading…]