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Post a Badge : Get Shoplet Cash!

Hey fellow stumblers/bloggers/site owners, do you want to spread the word about We are rewarding anyone who will post a Shoplet Badge on their blog. Once you post your badge, you’ll get money to spend on which has everything from chairs and paper to pens and mops. Here’s what you need to do: [keep reading…]

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Spring Cleaning!

   Spring is officially here! Flowers are budding, trees are blossoming, and birds are chirping. But the time we dread throughout the year is here — spring cleaning. The whole years paper piled up waiting to be cleaned, empty cups of coffee, and things you don’t even recognize.   But no fear cause- is here! We [keep reading…]

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How’d They Do That? Recycling Paper

Ever wonder how paper gets recycled? Sorting The first step involves sorting the paper to be recycled. Recycled paper should be kept free of contaminates such as food, plastic, metal, and other trash as these can make paper difficult to recycle. Contaminated paper which cannot be recycled is composted, burned for energy, or sent to [keep reading…]

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Giant Office Supplies Are Useful Right?

It’s Wednesday and tomorrow is a holiday and well we need something entertaining. Like GIANT OFFICE SUPPLIES!! Honey I shrunk your co-workers! But seriously, I’m not sure what the operation is at Pencil Craft. Do they hand make these pencils? Their website is such a treat. So if you want any other giant office supplies, [keep reading…]

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The $16 Economic Stimulus Package

(As expected I got that picture from some site called Empower Millionaires Italy-For Italian Individuals Who Seek Financial Mastery & Personal Empowerment! I can’t believe that crap still works!) I’ve seen this floating around the internet for some time. Originally written by TheDailyGreen, I figured I should make my own plan (Ideally I would get [keep reading…]

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Free Packing Materials! Make Your Own!

Okay so I’d like to say I support this whole green movement,  I really do but I extra support those things that really just make sense. So here’s a shout out to HSM Shredders who is currently advertising their shredder that shreds cardboard to create your own packing material!  What can  you do with shredded [keep reading…]