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To Sit or To Bounce.

[You could do this all day right?] Everyone has seen people at work sitting on a “exercise ball.” It’s pretty easy to judge them and assume their intentions. Oh they are trying to lose weight or look hip or be different. There are a lot of reasons to choose to sit on a ball vs [keep reading…]

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Don’t Be Him w/ 14 Fans for Summer at Your Office

  Summer in the office is never comfortable, it is always one of two extremes. Really hot and stuffy or really cold with a constant wind blowing against your face. The great thing about the two extremes is that they are never consistent. They switch off every other day! The best way to prepare for [keep reading…]

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What’s Really a Deal?

“An agreement between parties” This phrase listed above has many complex components encompassing a wide range of rules and regulations. When a typical salesman or saleswoman closes a deal or puts a deal in place this is the first step of cyclical business. As we saw last week in “The Relationship Building” post the deal [keep reading…]

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Become Green & Lean in Your Office

We received a lovely pamphlet on how to be Green & Lean in your workplace environment. Check out what it said: “At home, most of us recycle; many of us are committed to minimizing waste, buying organic and doing our part to help contribute to a healthier and greener environment. But in the workplace, it’s [keep reading…]

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Beat Boredom w/ Office Origami

[Don’t worry it’s not that intense] When I was little my older brother was really in to origami. Yeah I guess I’ve always thought it was kinda of cool, but in the past few years I’ve become a huge fan. When one of my brother’s got married, we made a ton of paper cranes to [keep reading…]