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Monthly Archives: July 2009

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Cool (See-Through) Frosted Glass Trick

Do you ever need to see through walls to keep tabs on the people in your office?  Well, we can’t help you there but we do have a cool trick to help you see through frosted glass.  You can take a regular piece of sticky

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We Built This City With Staples

  I am nothing short of impressed with Peter Root, the creator of this masterpiece. He says “Low-Rise is a precarious assemblage of thousands of free-standing stacks of staples densely tessellated to create a city-like mosaic. Like a city, the staples are subject to the

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10 “Remarkable” Recycled Office Products

What can you do with all this? If you’re smart you’ll go dumpster diving and start up a company called “Remarkable” From their website: “Our philosophy at Remarkable is to create recycled items that are well-designed, great quality and a joy to own. As well

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Congratulations to our Bunny Winners!

We had a blast picking our 10 favorite comments today! If you won, you should have a received an email from me. If you didn’t receive an email, don’t worry we’ll make your comment worth your time. Don’t forget to check our blog periodically for