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Fruit vs Veggies to Describe Colors

While browsing our site, I came across a stapler by Stanley Bostitch with the color “celery.” Stanley Bostitch is a pretty tough and manly brand and to have a stapler with the color celery seems almost humiliating. Anyways, that sparked my interest for wondering what inspires companies to  describe their products with food. I will [keep reading...]

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Bye Office Spiders

Yeah I don’t like bugs or spiders. We’ve seen a few cockroaches at our office-gross- and I’m not anxious to see any more. I think most people go for a shoe when they see a spider but it is pretty horrifying to think that you got it with that shoe and it crawls out from [keep reading...]

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After Picnic Gluttony

Summer time is picnic time. Every picnic basket or bag is loaded up with plastic forks, plastic knives, plastic spoons, plastic cups, etc etc etc. Do not let those go to waste! Especially the really sturdy ones that feel like they might not be disposable but are.  Luis Luna was a finalist in the House [keep reading...]