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iPhone Stand for Your Desk

Everyone has an iPhone at my work and as a quick blog post beforewe run out of the office cheering in 5 minutes (for the weekend) I thought I’d include this DIY iPhone Stand. Thank you Recyclart for always having awesome posts. You can download the template here. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Make Your Boss Sick (wink)

Sometimes in life we all need some absolutely ridiculous humor- the kind of humor that shouldn’t make you laugh because it so out of this world but you just have to laugh when you hear words like “Fringle-Stumpf!” Whenever I’m in need of that kind of humor I either turn to icanhazcheezburger or The Onion. [keep reading…]

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A Time to Save 20 Bucks

It feels like a good time to save 20 bucks on your next Shoplet Order right? Right. For the next couple of weeks, we’ll giving you hints to guess the Shoplet Employee Picture of the day. That’s right, you can see all us Shoplet workers as our mini- kid -selves. If you guess the right [keep reading…]

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What we do for Swine Flu

You could say that the Swine Flu epidemic has a direct effect on our average work day at Everyone from our sales team to our customer service dept and even our marketing dept has been busy trying to help our customers prepare. We understand that everyone wants to protect their employees and their families [keep reading…]

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Should You Buy Generic? Ever or Always?

I’ve been wondering this and I want to know other people’s opinions. For the longest time I tried to stay loyal to Kraft, General Mills, Skippy, etc etc. I was really against all generic brands! I thought how dare they steal this other company’s idea and sell it for less especially when it usually looks [keep reading…]