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Friend Us

No this isn’t the first time has appeared on facebook.  About a year ago we launched “The Green Office” App, which helps you to purchase green office supplies on Facebook.This year we decided to relaunch our presence on facebook, with a whole new look and a whole new mission. We want to hear from [keep reading…]

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Office Calligraphy

I promise no more plugs for Sharpie! (after this post) If you think I get paid to blog about Sharpies, you’re wrong. I wish that sanford cut me an extra check for the devotion  I have to the Sharpie brand but I really do toot their horn without pay. Anyways, to share a little personal [keep reading…]

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Picking an Ostrich Feather Duster

I’m surprised I haven’t brought up this disney movie before. Beauty and the Beast = my favorite Disney Movie. I came across this article on choosing an ostrich feather duster and the first picture that popped into my head was Babette the feather duster from Beauty and the Beast. Maybe that’s why feather dusters have [keep reading…]

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“Easing the Switch to Green Office Supplies”

Check us out on ! Thanks to FastCompany Expert Blogger Glenn Croston for telling our story. Here’s some great excerpts: “Shoplet is taking this route and making it easy to switch to green because they see an opportunity; in the last 3 years they have seen demand for these products grow over 700%. “We [keep reading…]

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The “UGLEE Pen.” True?

I’m all for unique office products especially ones that make life more comfortable. I stumbled across the Uglee Pen this morning and have been thinking about it ever since. The website does look a lot like an infomercial (and I love infomercials) but the pen does look really comfortable to hold on to. Dr James [keep reading…]