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Stay OUT of my cubicle

So, I won’t lie, we are pretty busy around here! It’s the holidays and getting ready for that is always crazy. This post may be short but the product suggestion is important. Everyone likes to be friendly and helpful most of the time right? But sometimes you come into work with a purpose, ready to [keep reading…]

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Follow Him for 365 Green Ideas

Recently I came across a blog with a dedicated environmentalist. 365 Days to Go Green He doesn’t seem like one of those people you talk to who are snobby and all about living a “green life,” just someone that is realistic and makes a small effort everyday to do something that will either be better [keep reading…]

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Break Throughs with Shoplet Bingo

Ever notice how many times we all say these cliche phrases? “It’s a win-win situation” “Where’s the call to action?” “At the end of the day, what the customer wants is important” “Let’s go over the game plan” “I want to hit the ground running with this project” “Rather than discuss this now, let’s take [keep reading…]

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Receipt Paper = Amazing??

I have a hard time sitting through this video because this guy has some pretty bold facial expressions and the way he says AMAZING makes me feel funny. Putting that aside, who know that receipt paper did this? I’ve been looking around my desk to see if I could find some to test this myself.  [keep reading…]