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Staples with Tracking Devices.

Sounds scary right? Don’t worry, staples are still for paper. Swingline has come up with a new idea for staples with RFID (radio frequency identification tags.) So when you’re rummaging through giant stacks of paper looking for a report or wondering which trash can your colleague might have dumped it in you can track it [keep reading…]

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Work Outfit of the Week. 1.

It’s a new year, start dressing like it. Today is the beginning of a new series. To call it “Work Outfit of the Week” sounds cliche and somewhat lame but that’s what we’re calling it. This week’s outfit comes all from one great website : Somewhat of an Urban Outfitters feel but much less [keep reading…]

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The Orange Swingline Stapler

So there I was at the CB2 in Soho on a Saturday afternoon when I saw this beauty.  The orange swingline stapler. You may think, oh yeah I’ve seen those. You haven’t. The red swingline stapler (made famous from the movie Office Space) is popular. I really like the red swingline stapler! Very flashy, powerful, [keep reading…]

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Bubble Wrap Keeps You Warm

Heating bills are expensive! It’s no joke. As much as I love saving energy and hate spending money on utility bills, I always have to crank the heat in the winter. (Except for living in NY because the heat is general free, building controlled, and your apartment turns into hot death.) I’ve thought about basements [keep reading…]

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Calendar Time

My co-worker found this great post – Simple Numbers, Complicated Dates -which lists 49 CALENDARS. I won’t make you sit through that. But I will show you some of our favorites. Warning: After reading this post you may feel overly inspired to draw or make your own calendar. Like I do. Here’s our top 9: [keep reading…]