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Bring Cursive Back!

3 years ago my cursive was non-existent. Even 10 years ago (jr. high) non existent. My teachers in elementary school stressed over and over again how important it was to have good cursive because throughout the rest of your schooling we would be required to write only in cursive. Someone must have just thought that [keep reading...]

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Office Supplies News in Brief

Every now and again I wander over to the Onion to see what office supplies related stories they’ve got going on. There is nothing like a sarcastic article to start out your day. Local Extension Cord Blasted For Failing To Reach Outlet STILSON, GA—A local extension cord came under fire Monday when the four-foot length [keep reading...]

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Drooling Over Highlighters

Some days I just get obsessed with certain items.  I don’t know how it happens. I guess I see one amazing look product picture and I just keep noticing more and more attractive products in that category. Anyways, these Staedtler Highlighters are definitely drool-worthy. I am so unbelievably tempted to order these things. Once you [keep reading...]

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Pendaflex Doodle-Erase Review

The other day, our Esselte rep came in showing off some of these cool file folders- the Pendalfex Doodle Erase File Folders. I’m always into items that I can write on so I got one to try out. Whenever I have a random thought or task to remember it’s nice to have something handy to [keep reading...]