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Sketch Stickies

I love doodles and doodling. And sketching. Sadly, my little doodles and sketches always turn into flowers or diamonds or something generic. I have so much respect for those who can sketch something or draw something exactly just for fun. I discovered these stickies on Sticky Moments. There is no info about the artist….but he [keep reading…]

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Win Milton’s Red Swingline Stapler!

In honor and remembrance of Milton from Office Space , we are giving away50 Red Swingline Staplers!Today (March 29) through Friday (April 3) we will pick 10 winners each day! Click here to learn more. Here’s how to win:1. Follow @shoplet on twitter and tweet your favorite Office Space Quote(example: RT @shoplet “The ratio of [keep reading…]

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Shipping Tape Pictures

I saw this great project on The River Gallery and had to pass it along.Take an image (those from books, postcards or pictures printed onto copy paper work best) and transfer the image to shipping tape. Materials You’ll Need Images Shipping Tape Warm Water (the smallest list for a project I have ever seen.) How [keep reading…]

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Office Supply Roundup

I’ve found so many great things this week that I just “rounded it all up” in one post. I guess that’s why everyone uses that phrase to describe a post of lots of different links, pictures, items, etc. Excuse me…love this embroidery and love Office Space. You may see a little more of that movie [keep reading…]

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Thank you Bandaids

I think all of us owe band-aids a big thank you.  Last year I did a post on duct-tape band-aids and last week we got a product review from a customer who said “gave them as stocking stuffers to hubby and father-in-law (as a joke) but they work better than any other bandage we’ve ever [keep reading…]

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Win an Iceberg IndestrucTable!

Time to start a new project with your new personal folding table! This giveaway is sponsored by Iceberg, one of our suppliers for great office chairs, tables, and desks. Besides it being just a free table, why would you want it? Holds up to 25 lbs. Folds flat for easy storage Lightweight, durable Construction of [keep reading…]