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Monthly Archives: April 2010

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DIY Super Mario Mushroom Pencils

Mushroom Pencil Holder – buy it from Moxiethrift on Etsy You either love or hate mushrooms. I’m a mushroom lover for the most part – at least I like the standard, white mushroom from the store (sliced or unsliced.)  When you eat them, you feel

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Win a Tote Full of Avery Office Supplies!

Our next giveaway is sponsored by Avery! Currently, they have an awesome rebate available – if you spend $50 or more on select Avery Products you’ll get a free canvas tote to carry groceries, school supplies, etc. To learn more about this rebate, Click here.

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The Wrap Artist Rocks

It’s not really the time of year when we wrap a lot of presents – that usually happens around the holidays. But really, every day is a good day to give someone a present. And there are two big events coming up that may require

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Win an HSM Shredder: Make Recycled Packaging!

April is Environmental Awareness month and to celebrate we’re hosting “green” giveaways all month long! Many of the brands we carry have become more environmentally responsible in the last few years – using more recycled content to create their products, making biodegradable products, and coming

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We sell it. Buy Bounce Sheets You can use them. For a million trillion things. But according to Snopes, you may not be able to do all the things people claim you can. Here’s their take. Get rid of ants: It will chase ants away

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True Love for Feather Dusters

I’m not one to poke fun at people. But.  Does this guy love that he sells feather dusters or what? You might remember a blog post I did about picking the right ostrich feather duster. You probably don’t. The tips I had were from a