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girly school supplies from modcloth

It’s okay if guys like these too! Modcloth is great website for girls with lots of nice dresses, shoes, and I just recently discovered – cool stuff for your desk! Find all the goodies below on their site – **And if you are reading this post from your email or google reader, make sure [keep reading…]

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Win a Sharpie Backpack Full of Prizes!

Just read the Sharpie Blog and you’ll know there are a million ways to use sharpies. Whenever our Sharpie friends come into the office, we love trying out their new products (including the new Sharpie Stainless Steel Marker – classy for all those celebrities out there and inexpensive enough for us normal peeps to buy [keep reading…]

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elastic love – christina aguilera’s ode to office supplies

I try to give our readers a day off from office supplies every week.. but this week I had to take it back. Christina Aguilera sings about office supplies? Serious? That’s way too exciting in our little nerd world. Don’t believe us? Listen and read! A rubber band is what I call your love for [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 9

Nothing worse than being stuck in miniature traffic at work. Photo by Erik Rasmussen How to recover your Filofax (not required: making it really really girly) Found at Violet’s The Philippines love Mongol Pencils! I have not heard of this brand but I guess if you ask for a “mongol”, they will give you a [keep reading…]

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Office Supply Sculptures Straight from Stoney Brook

Everyday I’m more amazed how many artists and normal people use office supplies. Man we are creative! I just discovered George Hart (his site is addicting. so many awesome projects to look at!) who has made so many mind boggling sculptures out of sooo many different things. Including office supplies of course! 72 Pencils – [keep reading…]

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time to become an invisible hoarder

A few days ago I saw the term “invisible hoarder” on the Rubbermaid blog and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Back up a few weeks and I was visiting my brother and sister n law in Baltimore. While I was there, they showed me the AE really depressing Reality Show called Hoarders. My [keep reading…]