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A pilot prize pack!

I’m excited to announce our weekly giveaway for this week! (better late than never, right?) This week you could win 48 Pilot items. 48. Each of those items up there will be sent to you in a dozen pack so that’s 4 x 12 = 48. My favorite items by Pilot are their Frixion Pens [keep reading…]

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how much do you love erasers?

There is a lady in Florida who has over 3,000 erasers! The Floridian Times wrote about this eraser lady about 7 years ago so I imagine she has about double if not triple that by now! Erasers are kind of exciting right? Check out these amazing collections from Eraser Joy and Borrandoque

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best of office weekend roundup 13

The most beautiful collection of vintage office stuff that you can buy! Visit Office Party on Etsy Check out pics from The Office set on OfficeTally. (Plus watch the new office episode on Hulu!) Wall-eeeeeee. The cutest little student I’ve ever seen. View more pics of Wall-e doing cute things on flickr Cheerful workspace! Found [keep reading…]

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hon helps rebuild in nashville

Have you seen Extreme Homemaker Edition? I always cry. It’s a combination of the music, the awesome things that they are doing, and the nice people they do those things for. As you have probably noticed, we are giving away a Hon Nucleus chair this week! I thought I’d share what Hon has been up [keep reading…]

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sit comfortably in your new nucleus chair!

When you work 8+ hours everyday, you have to have a comfy chair. When you facebook/ g chat for 3+ hours straight, you have to have a comfy chair. When you do anything for more than an hour straight at your desk, you have to have a comfy chair! It’s a rule. I’m excited to [keep reading…]