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best of office weekend roundup 27

Writing and drawing are really addicting – from I Love Doodle Should employees be able to nap at work? Does it help? From the Mint Blog Merry Christmas notebooks from Notebook Stories Twas the Week Before Christmas (this is hilarious!!) On the Collared Sheep How to pretend a task is a present. From Secretary4Life Great [keep reading…]

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Old Dixie Cup Ads

I came across a very entertaining channel on youtube the other day. The Georgia Pacific TV Channel. Immediately I was sucked in by the old dixie cup ads. The poor mother in the kitchen doing dishes all day long, the young kids breaking glasses and stepping on them, and a reminder where our disposable cups [keep reading…]

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7 Simple Steps for a Small Business to Save Money in a Down Economy was founded with the small business owner in mind, so it’s no surprise we hear their concerns on a daily basis. Lately, we’ve heard quite a bit about the uncertain economy — a dangerous beast that must be confronted if he or she is to survive. Be proactive. Take a few simple measures to [keep reading…]

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better posture at work

Every few weeks it’s something new. One week it will be feeling guilty about eating too much candy, another week I will be going to bed too late, and the past few weeks – it’s been all about feeling guilty about my bad posture. When you work on a computer all day, it’s really easy [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 26

I really wouldn’t mind traffic lights if they looked like trees – from Recyclart Pencil skiing! An awesome past time – from rpenalozan The benefits of a little websurf time at work from Marie Claire Women’s work wardrobes through the decades, found here Beautiful paper birds by Anna Wii Highfield, found on Decor8 dark humor, [keep reading…]

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Happy Holidays – Love, Shoplet

Wishing you, your family, your friends, your co-workers, and everyone you know, a wonderful holiday! We hope you get in lots of extra rest and treats and find ways to serve others around you. We’re grateful for all our customers, readers, and friends. Happy Holidays!

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Spot that Shoplet Truck: Win a $50 Gift Card

Cruising down the streets in a neighborhood near you are our very own sporty Shoplet-mobiles… Okay maybe not so sporty, but we’re extremely excited to introduce to you our new Shoplet trucks!  To celebrate this joyous occasion, we will be holding (you guessed it) another contest for readers who spot the Shoplet truck. What you [keep reading…]