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real simple – new uses for office supplies

Favorite article for the day – Real Simple – New Uses for Office Supplies- I tried not to copy all of their pics to put on our blog but I really love all of the ideas so much! {Above: Using rubber bands to decorate presents, electrical tape to identify party cups, name tags to introduce [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 31

Our whole lives revolve around facebook – maybe we need some like/dislike stamps Create a space efficient workspace – on 2modern Blog Amazing paper hats! On Upon A fold Blog This is a tricky desk, from Well Appointed Desk 5 ways to increase the perceived legitimacy of your business from Jobacle How to make a [keep reading…]

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Facebook Contest: I’m a NERD FOR OFFICE SUPPLIES!!!

Do you geek out over new office supplies?  Well, here’s the perfect contest for you! Simply enter the “I’m a NERD FOR OFFICE SUPPLIES” Contest on our Facebook fan page for $10 off (your purchase of over $75) and a chance to win a $50 Shoplet Gift Card.  We will be selecting 5 winners! So [keep reading…]

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Recycling of the Architecture Office

Margarita Mileva is an architect. When the economy got a little rough, she started upcycling office supplies! I’d like to think I’d be smart enough to try that out but I can’t imagine creating what she has created out of office supplies! She uses rubber bands, business cards, paper clips, and wire binding elements to [keep reading…]

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Win a First Aid Kit from PhysiciansCare!

Everyone is always looking for a band-aid or a few ibuprofens. Sometimes it’s a pain when you don’t have those things and sometimes it’s downright dangerous! Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by PhysiciansCare! We are giving away TWO PhysiciansCare Soft Sided First Aid Kits. Each kit contains: Adhesive Bandages; Gauze Pads; Antiseptic [keep reading…]

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best of office supplies weekend roundup 30

Make a shark pencil container out of clay! From this cool blog called What I Made How to make a wood magnetic tool holder on ManMade DIY A picture to make you feel better from Flickr Kind of gross probably how those fingertip moisteners look after awhile, from Flickr Store your pens and pencils on [keep reading…]