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Monthly Archives: April 2011

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best of office weekend roundup 44

Sweet photoshoot with CDs and pencils on Flickr Carry your little post-it flags in a mini altoid container! Seen on Rhodia Drive I loved driving under fenced in overpasses and seeing a message spelled out in cups. These are spelled out with styrofoam cups –

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office presents for will + kate

I had to jump on the bandwagon and watch the wedding this morning. (I would like to say only because my husband was leaving at 6 and told me to get up and watch it.) It was very pretty. Her dress was the perfect choice

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Road Warriorette Favorites

Introduction Road Warriorette is a blog all about business travel. When I started traveling for work, there were very few resources available for women. So I vowed that when I had enough good information to share, I would get it out there to my fellow

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working girl movie 9 to 5

I have not seen a lot of movies with Dolly Parton in them but I like this one a lot! I think her character is hilarious specifically because of the situation she’s in and how the whole office judges her without knowing the whole story.

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doodling with office supplies

Sometimes you get stuck in meetings or on the phone and you start getting a little antsy. And that’s when doodling saves the day. I doodled all over my folders for class in school and I still love to draw on things (sadly, you have