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Monthly Archives: May 2011

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design milk office posts

Sometimes I like to go through design blogs and see the cool office supplies they have discovered. This time I chose Design Milk. Check all this cool stuff out! Above: Ways to store small things – The Office by UMAMY and the Drop by Tetsuo

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Three New Office Supplies

I spent a lot of time near Michigan State last week and was lucky enough to wander around one of the bookstores next to campus. I almost walked out with a million different things but settled on three items: a Roaring Spring Rainbow Swirl Pad,

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This is nice packaging

I adore this Nice Package blog. Sadly, they don’t update it anymore. These are 4 of my favorite ideas from their blog. Using sharpies to draw on bows. [Link] Using envelopes to make an advent calendar. [Link] Using sharpies to draw on twistie-ties. [Link] Embroidering

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happy memorial day

Happy Memorial Day! I just got home from a week long road trip that took us to Michigan, Ohio, and different parts of upstate NY. We had the privilege of touring one of the premiere GM manufacturing facilities and I was so excited! Not only

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best of office weekend roundup 48

Haha this is funny. Cubicle Napping on Cubicle Bot Read about these new elevators that are programmed to favor certain people on Cubicle Bot A sneaky and stylish way to use old yard sticks on the Well Appointed Desk I love the inside of machines!

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*etsy* office supply find – May 27

SchoolLocker on Etsy has the most colorful, beautiful office supplies I’ve ever seen! Get 380 labels for $5.50