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Monthly Archives: May 2011

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eyes at work

Now I’m thinking I want to put eyes on all of my office supplies. (Just like when I put eyes on Tombow Adhesives) All of these pics were taxen from ZXGirl Flickr

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Things Organized Neatly

Do you like things organized neatly? Me too. These pics make me want to pull out all of my office supplies and organize them neatly. Maybe I will. Check out the Things Organized Neatly tumblr. You won’t regret it.

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*etsy* office supply find – May 25

These pencils are made with rolled-up recycled papers. Sharpens easily -just like wood- with regular pencil sharpener. Includes : 4 pencils, Pencil case and bookmark Pencil type : HB Color : Green recycled paper rolled around lead Lead color : black Buy them on Etsy

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fun sticky notes

Nothing cheers me up like a cute sticky note. I actually have the toast and egg sticky notes! My friend brought them back for me from Korea. All of these great sticky notes were found on Venerate Boutique. I’m thinking I want the pineapple rings

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*etsy* office supply find – May 21

I love vintage office supplies and this red hole punch is so cool. “Wonderful vintage two hole punch made by Boston. There is some rust and tarnishment but the distinctive color and vintage look will be great in your home or office. The office supply