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Monthly Archives: May 2011

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best of office weekend roundup 46

Roarrr the Scotchosaurus. I love this drawing! From skribbles on Deviant Art I’m thinking I should make some business cards like this! (Maybe using scraps of fabric instead of random cardboard pieces). Just get a stamp with your business card info and stamp it on

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*etsy* office supply find – May 13

“This is such a cute find – vintage soviet desk organizer in bright colours. It has a tall compartment for pens and pencils, three rotating round compartments for pins, paperclips, staples etc, a separate one-pen holder and a side holder for a notebook or some

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shoplet iphone wallpaper

I saw this post about Rhodia Wallpaper for iPhone and I decided we need some shoplet iphone wallpaper. I made a few and I’m excited to make more! Turns out that designing for a tiny space in fun. The first one is a legal pad,

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the New Professional Favorites

Introduction My blog is called the New Professional. It features business casual outfits, style advice, office etiquette, and professional tips for office newbies on a budget. Work situation I work full time as a communications manager and magazine editor for a statewide nonprofit. Our office

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wear rain boots to work

Last year I was heading to work on a rainy day and I accidentally wore flats. My feet were soaked, my socks were soaked, and I just felt sad. So, I went to Daffy’s and bought some ok looking rain boots. Actually, less than okay.