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Monthly Archives: May 2011

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letter openers

I’ll admit that I’m one who tears open mail with their hands. And I’ve never had a problem with it. But lately I’m thinking maybe letter openers are kind of cool and nice. They make it possible for you to put the mail back into

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student designed office supplies

“Alessi, Italy’s venerated purveyor of high-end home wares, tapped the best and brightest from ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne (Switzerland) recently to produce a set of stunningly simple concept office accessories. ” Found on Fast Co Design, I love all of these things!

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Two Favorite Office Supplies

I can’t get enough of the Pilot V Razor Point Pen. It doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t smear, and the tip is so precise. I’ve been writing on everything with it. And It worked on everything (including fabric if you let it dry) except for tape

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*etsy* office supply find – May 9

The design is great and they are super durable because they are made with sailcloth! Which means they won’t fall apart every school year and force you to buy new ones. Check out all the folder options on RaggedEdge Gear’s Etsy

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best of office weekend roundup 45

Nothing like hiding under a bunch of post-it notes. From Cubicle Bot It would be cool if this existed! Shred the lines – on Flickr This makes tweeting painful – seen on Paper Stone Man I love colorful supplies – on Flickr Is this really