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Monthly Archives: June 2011

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Kawaii Office Supplies

Yozo Craft has so many cool products that I had to slow done and limit myself to three. I know that Kawaii is not for everyone but I do like some cuteness in my life every once and awhile. My favorite item from their site

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snipper scissors

I know that these snipper scissors could not look girlier. But let me tell you, snipper scissors are awesome! Sadly, we only carry really girly ones and they come in a huge set – Baumgarten Snipper Scissors – but they are so convenient and so

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Bluelounge Office Equipment

I love these little organization items from BlueLounge. I can think of uses for all of these items – even that cable box that hides a huge surge protector. I always seem to touch ours with my foot and because our outlets are so old

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chrome in your office

For some reason I can’t stop thinking about how much I love metal and shiny metal things today. I dug around Shoplet today (just search “chrome“) and found myself a new red chair with Chrome and a shiny Safco Coat Rack and a bling Swingline

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learning spanish with post-it notes

Today I have post-it notes on my mind (you’ll see why when you see the next office weekend roundup!) and I wanted to make something cool out of post-it notes on our wall. Another thing I’ve been thinking about the past few days is learning