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best of office weekend roundup 56

I don’t have any felt pens at my house currently but I’m planning on buying some just so I can try this. More pics on Mini Eco How working parents deal with summer downtime on Beyond Folders How to change jobs not companies on Corporette Make your own Conan out of supplies on Things Organized [keep reading…]

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elizabeth duffy – office supply artist

These art installations by Elizabeth Duffy aren’t so in your face and colorful as the normal stuff we share but I like them because they are kind of weird. The one above is made with hole reinforcements. Made with pencils: Made with pencils: Made with pencil casings: Made with erasers: Made with scotch tape + [keep reading…]

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hach office supplies

So many beautiful beautiful things! I feel so happy that so many amazing designers choose to design office and school supplies. Hach is a store in Vancouver, Canada that specializes in hard-to-get items from Korea, Japan, and North American designers. I hope to go to Vancouver someday and I’ve already added this store to my [keep reading…]

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A Tribute to Trapper Keepers

Pee-Chee Folders may have been before my time but Trapper Keepers were definitely not. I’m trying to remember mine in my head and for some reason I am drawing a blank. I know at one point I had a zipper version and maybe there was a Lisa Frank one in there too. Either way, I [keep reading…]

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Office Supplies Color Match v.6

I thought it would be fun to challenge myself for these next few color matches and try to do them using items at my house. I love old books and old book covers and this first one actually belonged to my great-grandpa. The second one, a 1950s copy of the Catcher in the Rye, belongs [keep reading…]

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industrial stickers are awesome

My dad is an electrician. Did I already tell you that? We grew up with tons of cool junk to play around with and my dad was always building something. I’ve always loved these industrial alphabet stickers he had and I would use them to label everything from my cat’s bed to boxes of different [keep reading…]