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Monthly Archives: August 2011

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Tomorrow is a Big Day

First Three words. Complete Blog Makeover! The time has come to say goodbye to my mish-mash design and say hello to a brand new design created by the Shoplet designers. I’m really excited about it! Because of this change, our blog will be offline for

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pink and yellow pencil benches

I saw these pencil benches made by Boex on the Rad and Hungry Blog and fell in love. Stemming from a single conversation to see if we could incorporate an everyday office object into a piece of furniture, we designed this quirky bench. It ended

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pop deluxe for your office

Think of how great you would feel everyday if you had a control panel pencil case or a Mondrian Whiteboard. I think we should take more time to create and care for our workspaces. I really think it makes a difference! (My currently messy desk

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highlighted marble memos

(I’m so sorry about all the neon/highlighted posts. Hopefully I’ll get out of this phase in a few weeks!) I saw notebooks with neon pages similar to this one on Etsy and decided to give my new Mead Marble Memos some highlights. I held the

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Time for some office toys

Maybe it’s because I’m surrounded with boxes and a giant mess in my apt or because I spent all weekend worrying about a hurricane but I’m really in the mood to just play nintendo or text people cute emoticons with my new Emoji app. If

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Win an Organization Solution from Pendaflex!

It’s time to get all of your papers in order with our weekly giveaway sponsored by Esselte. Have you heard of the I-Organize? (get more info about it at that link) Basically, you can make yourself a custom binder filled with the organization items you