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Monthly Archives: September 2011

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best of office weekend roundup 65

Kyle unmade pencils back into a tree. Click here to watch the video on his site Just saw this today on Color Me Katie! Why not frame your little awards for a more light hearted approach to a wall of achievements? Make yourself a nice

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These Casters Are Eye Candy

Probably the nerdiest statement but it’s true. Somewhere I saw the website Cool Casters mentioned and found myself scrolling through pages of really fun casters. We have a pretty standard black office chair at our house and I think it could use some colorful casters.

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How to Print on Post-it Notes

How have I never thought of this before! I saw a picture of printed post-it notes on Pinterest and discovered the source of this idea on these two sites – Sugar Doodle and Inka Blinka. Basically, as I see it, there are two ways to

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Exploding Office Supplies

These pics are so cool! I’m not really a gun person but I’m wishing I could stack all of my office supplies and shoot at them to see what happens. Photographer Alan Sailer sets up random objects that he buys and shoots at them with

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Your Karton Cardboard Office

I’ve been feeling a little cardboarded out since the big move but these cardboard furniture pieces from Karton are so simple and beautiful that I kind of want them. Of course I have questions about durability and how they could handle a big Vitamin Water

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I Love Sharpie Mean Streak Markers

I tried to think of a better title but that really is the truth. Sharpie sent me a box of them while I was still in New York and I used them to death when we were moving. You can write on ANYTHING with them.