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Monthly Archives: November 2011

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Imagine Co-Workers Are Sharks

I’ve always had somewhat of a terrifying fear of deep water and sharks. Thank goodness for this site – Sharkables – my mom sent me which makes sharks look hilarious. I love the artist’s About section where he talks about how the world is a

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Use Office Supplies for Portion Control

Ever since I saw this article about using office supplies for portion control I have been comparing the food I’m eating, while I’m working, to the supplies on my desk. It’s great to have an obvious visual sitting right in front of you, reminding you

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Neon Office Signs

I don’t think neon, commercial signs were a sign of home to me until I lived by a Comfort Inn in New York. Whenever I’d be almost done with my run and almost out of breath, I would round the corner and see the Comfort

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Prismacolor Col-Erase Colored Pencils

Let me just get this out there before I say anything else – ignore the “erase” in the title because they really don’t erase (see the middle column of red lines in the second picture.) If you get past that part, they are very easy

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Congrats to our Pentel Winners!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ve been looking through all the recipes that were submitted and I might be using some of them in the next few weeks :) Congrats to our winners! @gourmetpens @Lexiquin @durstslovepens If you didn’t win pens from this