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Imagine Co-Workers Are Sharks

I’ve always had somewhat of a terrifying fear of deep water and sharks. Thank goodness for this site – Sharkables – my mom sent me which makes sharks look hilarious. I love the artist’s About section where he talks about how the world is a ridiculous place and we don’t need TV to show us [keep reading…]

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Neon Office Signs

I don’t think neon, commercial signs were a sign of home to me until I lived by a Comfort Inn in New York. Whenever I’d be almost done with my run and almost out of breath, I would round the corner and see the Comfort Inn sign and feel so happy. Same with all of [keep reading…]

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Congrats to our Pentel Winners!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ve been looking through all the recipes that were submitted and I might be using some of them in the next few weeks :) Congrats to our winners! @gourmetpens @Lexiquin @durstslovepens If you didn’t win pens from this giveaway, check out our Pilot Pen Giveaway!