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best of office weekend roundup 78

She pounded nails into scissors, impressive! Link A calendar to unravel everyday on Letterology If you talk with your hands a lot like this, I hope someone adds piano sounds to your desk. If your browser looks like this, your computer is probably really slow. Cubiclebot I want to make a bright orange cable basket! [keep reading...]

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best of office weekend roundup 77

I love a good hour of office window gazing. Link I am so happy about this new Taylor Swift video! And this little behind the scenes office webisode. 3 great things for a countertop- office supplies, a cat, and a bowl of fruit. Link Pencil Forest I love this christmas tree with lots of office [keep reading...]

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And the Winner is…

Congratulations to Janet! I’ll be contacting you and you have to, have to respond by 3 PM EST otherwise we’ll pick someone else! Thank you so much to everyone who entered! We hope you enjoy your few days off of work and have a great holiday. Next week we won’t have a giveaway but we’ll [keep reading...]

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How was your Office Christmas Party?

Here’s a pic of the Shoplet team from our end of year party this year! (The lights are looking a little crazy) I wasn’t able to make it but I heard it was a good time. I assume by now that most people have had their office christmas/holiday/end of year parties and I’m curious to [keep reading...]

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Yaginoyama Stationery Products

Just when I thought I’d seen just about everything there is to see in the office stationery products category, I found Yaginoyama. Their stationery section has a few beautiful, unique products that I would love to own. Above – The Dog Ear Notebook – Each page has a perforated corner that can be torn to [keep reading...]