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World Market Carved Wood Pens

While these might not be too comfortable for lots of writing, they will sure look cute on your desk! You can buy them from the Desk Accessories section of World Market. I want the red robin and the raccoon. Oh and the owl!

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Shoplet Product Review Program

Do you have a blog and want to get free office supplies? We have a product review program you can join! All you have to do is go to our Facebook page, like us on Facebook, and give us some information about your blog. Our marketing team will review your blog and decide whether or [keep reading…]

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Desktop File Folder Art

Now you know what to do when you’re stuck on that conference call for 2 hours this afternoon. Just change your settings to organize your desktop icons manually not automatically and start creating. I love that giant purple Linux monster! Image Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

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These Whiteboard Paintings are Unreal.

There is nothing like discovering beautiful art that is being done in a regular cubicle! Bill Taylor says about his work – 1. I only do this for 2-5 minutes a day, usually first thing while the computer is firing up. I don’t spend all day doing this as I’d like to keep my job.Some [keep reading…]

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Four Royal Blackboards by Catherine David

Maybe royal isn’t quite the right word but the combination of the Queen, old war planes, a little dog, and hearing a NZ accent in my mind makes me think of royalty. Get them all from Endemic.

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Pencils on the Runway

I did a double take when I saw Mary Katrantzou’s Fall 2012 collection. Those are pencils! Here’s a little profile on Mary if you want to read more about her. Please notice that she mentioned the “crayon box” as part of her inspiration for her 2012 collections. I never thought pencil pants could look so [keep reading…]

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Avery Tote Bag Winners

Congrats to… Melissa V Shangching Ben A Theresa Kristina Kathy katieneu Kristy Adelia Gail W. Marsha W. Anne M. (I’ll send you an email for your mailing address if you’re on this list) Thanks to everyone who entered! Next up – we’re giving away a Swingline Stack and Shred Shredder!