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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 94

Make little eraser cars! So cool, I want to do this. Family Fun Behold the Perfect Pencil! Make a butterfly bracelet with paper clips – Instructables This is a Post it Note Drawing I want to make some pretty Sharpie rocks Catapult Pencil! Fun Desk Tankbot Once you finish the eraser, you find a fossil [keep reading…]

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Desk Bling from Minimalux

Desk bling is the best way to describe these desk accessories. I would feel pretty awesome if I had this set on my desk! I found them on Storage and Glee and they were designed by Minimalux

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Desk Cleanup with Turtle

If I had this little guy, I wouldn’t even be mad when I accidentally dumped out a whole box of paper clips. Maybe I would even do it on purpose! See more pics on Oh, Sewan and buy it from the Moma Store.

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Mini Desk or Giant Cat?

Mini desk. I want the mini desk and the cat! See more pics on Behance – Love Books Love Stationery.