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Monthly Archives: April 2012

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Surprising Tidbits About Pencils

I’m always learning new, cool facts about office supplies. Pencils have such a long, interesting history and I’ve never really made it through the whole thing. I really like this 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Pencils from Discover Magazine because it pulls out little

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Tombow Lead Packaging

I love these little Tombow lead tubes! The design is clean and colorful which makes me want to buy them all and display them on my desk. Sadly we don’t carry Tombow Lead, you can get it from Jet Pens. (We do carry other Tombow

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A Magnetic Customizable Desk

This is the coolest idea! The designer says – “The slim office is a slim table, dressed up for the office. Though it was officially designed as a dinner table, quite a few people bought this prize-winning table, sold by Arco, for the office. To

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Delightful Supplies from Cibone

First word that comes to mind when I see bright yellow office supplies? Delightful! I saw that pencil eating hippo on pinterest and followed the link to find these general purpose cases and these botanical pens. (I know, I know flower pens. So 5 years

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Giant Cardboard Robots

Now you know what to do with all those extra shipping boxes at the office and how to make the time go by faster on Friday afternoons! Check out the Giant Cardboard Robots Facebook Group.