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Wrap Up Your Furniture

How about this approach to upholstery? Wrap up a big piece of foam and it becomes a couch cushion. Stack a few on a dolly for an easy chair! Such a simple, beautiful idea from TAF. Now I’m going to have a thing for packing paper!

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Fashionable Office Supplies

Fashion designers and stylists draw inspiration from nature, social rights movements, war, wealth, the far reaches of the globe, and their wildest imaginations.  However, they also seem to be drawing inspiration for iconic classic pieces from an everyday, functional space; the office.  At our office stylists have picked up on these strange phenomena and [keep reading…]

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Pen Pencil Stencil Pencil Posters

Wow, tongue twister. I’m finding so many cool things on the Pen Pencil Stencil website! These posters were done for a show in Miami – more info here.

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My Kind of Alphabet

Remember how I said good things come from those that are bored? Well I was bored a few weeks before I had my baby and that lead to me dumping out all of my office supplies and making letters. If you want proof that I was pregnant, please notice that there is a letter missing. [keep reading…]

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Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest

Wait, don’t get too excited. We missed the contest! I really wish someone had told me about this one so I could’ve passed on the info. Scotch did a tape sculpture contest (which ended in March) and the winner received $5,000! Hopefully they will do it again next year. It’s really fun to look through [keep reading…]

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Herb Pens

Seeing these pens this morning reminds me that I need to start a little herb garden. With these pens you can have a little fake herb garden at your desk! Get them from Souvenir from Tokyo – 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Samsill Stop Motion Rainbow Spiral

I was beyond excited to get an email from Samsill about this video they made when they were bored. People can do really great things when they are bored and this is one of those things. Thanks to Drew for emailing me! Their blog post about the video says – Made up of over 400 [keep reading…]