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Monthly Archives: November 2012

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 125

Love these dry-erase toys called Scribblers And chalk blocks! Fun office supplies wish list! Make an Embellished Wood Pencil Block How about an electric blue office?! Make this lovely ornament with broken CDs! Cool pencil pattern I LOVE THIS PORTABLE RULER. Best idea ever from

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Can You Guess This Office Supply? V.2

Get it right and win a 20% off coupon! Just email your answer to Remember.. 1. Please don’t comment with the answer! That totally ruins the game for everyone else and I will delete it. 2. If you don’t know the exact answer but

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Perpetual Kid for Your Casual Office

I just realized I have never posted about Perpetual Kid! Probably because Perpetual Kid is like Think Geek, which totally overwhelms me. They have so so so many office things and it’s hard to pick just a few to mention. Here are some of my

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Beautiful Water Lilies Made with CDs

I think a lot about what will happen to all those extra CDs we have lying around. We have a few packs of CD-Rs that are sitting in the bottom of our filing cabinet. They’ve probably been there for a couple of years! (I remember

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Cotton On for Your Desk

I posted about Red and Turquoise office supplies from Cotton On last year and it turns out that they have lots of new stuff! (or I just missed a lot of things last time) Aaand, a lot of their desk supplies are on sale! Get

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Broadway Scenes From My Desk

Want to a new tumblr to follow? Check out Scenes From My Desk. “Scenes from famous musicals staged using only the things I can find on my desk” Now this is a good use of time :)