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Can You Guess This Office Supply? V.3

Get it right and win a 20% off coupon! Just email your answer to Remember.. 1. Please don’t comment with the answer! That totally ruins the game for everyone else and I will delete it. 2. If you don’t know the exact answer but

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Handwriting Aids

Have you ever looked through the different tools you can buy to help someone to write? I’m constantly impressed with what is invented to aid someone with a disability. Everything from pencil weights, pencil finger fidgets (which actually look really cool, like little gadgets on

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Casa Kids Desks

I know these desks are designed for kids but I wouldn’t mind having one myself. (Especially if I had a lot of pretty office supplies to display on the shelves.) See more pics and pricing info on Casa Kids’ website.

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Hipper Chairs

Have you ever heard of hipper (not hipster) chairs? Once you see them, the name makes sense. I love these hipper chairs by Blue Dot for Target. I’m curious how they comfortable they would be. The upholstered hippers look pretty nice!


Duck Tape Holiday Wrapping and Shipping Giveaway!

We’re giveaway away 30 wonderful packs of supplies for shipping and wrapping presents. Enter our Duck Tape Holiday Wrapping Giveaway and win this pack.