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MasterVision Winners

Congrats to all our winners! Please make sure to email with your name, address, and phone number as soon as possible so we can have your prize on its way! First Place: Marsha Webb Second Place: Autumn Eaton Third Place: Angela Flowers Thanks for playing and have a happy Monday, everyone :)

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Win an HSM Shredder

This week one lucky winner will receive an HSM shredder that tackles small amounts of documents and data with the touch of a finger. With the HSM Shredstar BS12C function meets affordability. It’s perfect for personal or home office use. To win: Leave a comment telling us why you need a shredder! For extra entries: [keep reading…]

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 160

Want to document every fabulously fluttering thought that flounces through you fascinating mind? Learn how to Keep and Love a Notebook. Did you know that by using colored ball point pens and highlighters you are bettering your ability to study? And that academic planners help students develop valuable qualities, like honesty, reliability, and consistency? Read [keep reading…]

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A Few Back to School Essentials & Homework Tips

Let’s talk school supplies and homework tips: Ball Point Pens and Highlighters Use color ball point pens or highlighters to color code your notes! Color-coding, hi-lighting, and underlining are important habits for your child to acquire when reading important, school-related material. Studies have consistently proven that students who study with color coded notes score higher [keep reading…]

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Can You Guess What This Office Supply is?

Get it right and win a 20% off coupon! Just email your answer to Remember.. 1. Please don’t comment with the answer! That totally ruins the game for everyone else and I will delete it. 2. If you don’t know the exact answer but can guess the brand or guess anything, send an email [keep reading…]

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Last Chance for Giveaway!

Don’t miss a chance to win the perfect eco-friendly way for listening to music from your Tablet, iPhone, or iPod. You will never have to worry about batteries with these super cool solar powered speakers! To enter: 1) ♥LIKE♥ our page Facebook Page ↗ Shoplet Promos 2) ♥SHARE♥ the post ↘ 3) Then comment on [keep reading…]

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How to Keep & Love a Notebook

Because, secretly, we all really wanna be as cool as Harriet the Spy! With a notebook, you have the power to record any idea, thought, new-found philosophy, goal, vision, artistic impulse, etc. that pops into your fabulous, brilliant mind! 1) Keep it Neat! …Or, at least, attempt to keep it neat. Organic, handwritten notebooks are [keep reading…]