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Best of Office Weekly Roundup #167

bird office

Who wouldn’t want to log onto his/her Twitter account, tweet a tweet, then take a peek at a ginormously pretty parakeet overlooking his/her desk? Check out more awesome animal wall paper designs at 79 Ideas.



WOAHSTER! These coasters are making my heart flutter. They’re re-writable, erasable AND college ruled. What more could an office freak and coffee enthusiast need? Check ‘em out here.

tissue dispenser


Ever wished that the tissues in your bathroom were just a bit more inconspicuous? Well, your wish has been (sort of?) resolved with the release of Century Corporation’s Toothpaste, Glue and Shampoo tube tissue dispensers. Weird? Yes. Sly? Not so much. But, they’ll certainly inspire a bunch of laughs! More about how to make your bathroom breaks more humorous with these tissue dispensers at Gizmodiva.


Lace up  your packages! Learn more about sneaker-geek lace up tape over at TheGadgetFlow.


Happy weekend, everyone :)


2 thoughts on “Best of Office Weekly Roundup #167”

  1. Clark says:

    Very cool stuff in this post! I love the lace on the box top hahaha. Definitely eye-catching and cool.

    1. Diana says:

      Thanks, Clark! We figured that the lace tape would be a fun way to ship out gifts for the holiday season :)

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