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Best of Office Weekly Roundup #171

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I am obsessed with Alissa Manini’s illustrations. (Probably because they involve office supplies!).

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Learn how to make your own doggie ornaments at TheBarkPost! And acquire all of the necessary supplies to make them at Shoplet :)

rexusa Best of Office Weekly Roundup #171

This week in news: the FDA announced that antibacterial cleansers aren’t any better at preventing illness than regular ol’ soap and water. 

2500embed bedphones mask Best of Office Weekly Roundup #171

Bedphones have arrived! Exhausted after a long day at the office? Love falling asleep to pretty music or your favorite podcast, but hate when your ear buds get relentlessly lodged in your ear when your head hits the pillow?? “Bedphones manage to slip right into the cup formed by your ear…and stay secure as you shift yourself into that perfect sleeping position.” Cool! Not to mention, Bedphones come equipped with a sweet sleeping mask. Bedphones are available via Grand St. 

Untitled2 Best of Office Weekly Roundup #171

I actually met photographer Jonathon Kantor on a plane to Austin waaay back and chanced upon his portfolio on a recent search for office supply goodies. Check out Jonathon’s incredible still life portraits of office supplies.

DIY Teachers Wreath Best of Office Weekly Roundup #171


Don’t know what to get your kiddo’s teacher for the holidays? This might be a fun weekend gift project to tackle :) DIY Crayon Wreath Tutorial available at Surviving the Stores. 

(& remember to stock of up on crayons here!)

Untitled3 Best of Office Weekly Roundup #171


The Blu Dot 2D3D Letter Holder is such a minimalist mindwarp – I love it! Available at 2modern.


Have a great weekend, everyone :)

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