Best of Office Weekly Roundup 173


Nostalgic for floppy discs?


Floppy Table is an awesome coffee table, constructed by duo Axel van Exel and Marian Neulant. Learn more about this awesome floppy disc table at

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Papyrus has some really cute desk accoutrements. Like a Squirrel Giant Eraser by Jonathan Adler and a Knock Knock Crap Note Pad


MyHomeLOOKBOOK advises us to leave note with a dry erase marker on our washing machines to remind us of what we left in there a few hours ago!


Avery offers us some tips & explains the benefits of using color for organization! Take advantage of their free design & print templates.


Gentleman.R guides every male business profession on how to dress super well. I love how refreshingly straightforward & simple this blog is!


Rachel Roy interviews Amanda Steinberg on women + money – hooray for budgeting tips!


Mashable offers up a roundup list of 14 awesome kickstarters that we should get psyched about. Like Peg, an organizational board that’s both utilitarian and cute, or Slate, a mobile air desk! Yippee for 2014 inventions :)


The Ostritch Pillow is made for catching a few ZZZ’s on the job. The Ostritch Pillow is also the BEST way to get fired.


  • Diana

    Right, Jackie? We love how they took a relic from the past and re-conceptualized it into such a neat and functional coffee table!

  • That Floppy Table is so cool!