Best of Office Weekly Roundup 174


Make your own sparkly pushpins to recycle leftover glitter from New Years Eve…or get your own at WhenItRains’s Shop at Etsy :)


This cactus letter holder makes prickly cacti look bright and happy!


Friends don’t let friends let the ink dry up in their fountain pens - some useful tips to ensure that you don’t have to flush the ink out of your beloved fountain pens so soon! Thanks, Rhodia Drive :)


A Little Hut teaches us how to organize our drawers with cereal boxes!


Love this Brentwood Office Chair via Keep


Look’s like the Duck Tape Ohio headquarters is  nostalgic for summertime (we are too!). Found on the Duck Tape Facebook page. 


Are you a procrastinator? Don’t be ashamed. Most people are (including myself!). But, as all procrastinators are well aware, procrastinating is as dirty a habit as picking your nose. It can result in decreased performance efforts at work & increased levels of stress and anxiety. Sue Shellenbarger’s Wall Street Journal article might help you reconsider and reduce your tendency to procrastinate. I especially appreciate the suggestion that procrastinators “Time Travel,” aka imagine their self images projected into the future to gauge the contingency between their decision to procrastinate and their degree of happiness (ie: if you choose to procrastinate now, you’ll likely be not-so-happy!).


Glass Dry Erase boards are the future of dry erase boards – they’re hip, contemporary, and available at Shoplet!


And this highligher pencil set by Molskine


Dream Little Bigger teaches us a super quick and easy DIY on how to make your own light box- an essential for any blogger or etsy entrepreneur.


Get everything neat & tidy for 2014. Reference’s 11 Things to Throw away — because old perfume is just useless and gross!



What a cute way to spruce up your drab business casual- MellySews teaches you how to make your own bow sleeve

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