Best of Office Weekly Roundup 175


LOVE this grasshopper stapler, found at Antrhopologie


This DIY Yardstick Mitten Holder is great for drying off snowy gloves in the winter!

(Yardsticks & clothespins available at Shoplet!)


Very gemmy office supplies, found via Etsy.


Attach Tile to all of the things you don’t want to lose! I’ve been seeing ads for this new nugget of technology all over the internet recently, and, turns out, it’s really super useful! Learn more about Tile here. 


Some useful productivity hacks via Forbes. Hate to break it to ya, but cut out your time trolling through social media!


Love these fountain pens for lil kids! Available at Imagine Childhood for the super pretty price of 25 cents a pop!


I love this list of things that every modern office should have in 2014 via BuzzFeed. Because office pets, treadmills, an motivational interns shouldn’t be luxuries, they should be necessities!


Click it Up a Notch provides us with 5 super savvy tips on how to keep our photos organized. Because you haven’t forgotten about your decision to keep organized for 2014 yet, did you??


Office supply clip art you can download! Found via Etsy.