Best of Office Weekly Roundup 180


Li Hongbo’s paper sculpture artwork is both completely freaky and awesome. Be amazed: watch this video profiling Mr. Hongbo & his work.


This guy makes awesome post-it art – check out his work via Mashable


Here’s a nifty little home lesson! All you need is a plastic bag filled with water & some sharpened pencils. The Tinker Lab explains the science behind how this experiment works so well.


These shredding scissors are TOTALLY useful. You can use them for the office (shreddin’ paper) & the kitchen (shredding cilantro)


This Broomhead Desk Caddy vis The Merry Thought is less DIY and more upcycle, but still — it’s absolutely rustic-fantastic!

10 Apps You Need

Style Cusp dishes on the 10 apps your business needs for 2014 – each app listed sounds totally useful and worth reviewing!


Vice Magazine’s food hacks are the office photo expose is a totally disgusting laugh


J of J’s Everyday Fashion KNOWS how to look cute for work!

What surfaces can be spray painted

Learn 10 things you should know about spray paint (because spray paint’s so super useful!)

This DIY Circus Pal Mobile is so freaking adorable. Vis Creature Comforts blog