Best of Office Weekly Roundup 181


Umm…I just thought that this image of a cat in a file organizer might be the best thing I’ve seen all week.


These stackable Lego brick mug holders not only keep your mugs dust-free and clean, but they’re also totally fun! I’d love to have one of these at my desk! Via Think Geek


The future is nigh! Google intends to actually make Project Ara happen – aka, a modular phone that you can piece together, bit by bit. It’s an interesting concept and it’ll be cool to see if it flies in the public marketplace. More about Project Ara via Mashable. 


I’m a huuuge fan of how clean and simple and fabulous Kantek office supplies are. And now (hip, hip, hoo-ray!) you can purchase your pretty, clear Kantek office supplies at Shoplet!


These Chinese fishy bottles are a great way to upcycled plastic into art – via Ciempka’s Chinese Whispers



Short, to-the-point, emails rule. Join the 5 sentence club and learn about how pithy writing helps you stand out at your job!


This is a cute craft! All you need are clothes pins, googly eyes and pom poms. Via Frugal Fanatic 


OFFICE SNACKING REPORT: Good news about almonds (they’re healthier for you than you think!). 

Do you have any cool things in mind that you think are worthy of our Roundup? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy weekend, everyone!

  • What beautiful tones of soft color are found with the picture of the cat in the filing ‘system’. I love monochromatic tones, and this is a perfect example of the use of soft colors that are very similar and work and play well with others!! I found this website, because I was wishing to place an order for household items as well as a few office supplies. I must watch my expenses and budget for things instead of just randomly placing an order. I can’t seem to get my large order finished because this site is so ‘well done’ in a visual set up and it would seem that ‘everything’ is grabbing my poor ADHD brain everywhere but I will not have dinner until I finish this Order!

    I have a rather funny picture of my dog, how do I post it on this part of the website?

    Thank you for ‘slowing me down’ long enough to enjoy the soft colors in the #181 Office Stories. It is as though I can ‘feel’ those colors, so the pic is not only soft and makes you smile, but my brain thinks that I feel the colors, so it is a double kind of ‘good feeling’ for me.