Best of Office Weekly Roundup 182


These THUMB tacks are a bit terrifying…but also pretty awesome. Learn how to make your own witty tacks via Dream A Little Bigger


DIY Speed Eraser! Via Spoonful


iPhone 5 paperback sticky ntoes!? I was late to this party, but jeez, how perfect! Via Geekopolis


Here’s a list of 10 creative office lamps! I LOVE these Super Mario mushroom push lights. Via Oddee


Waking up for work in the morning just became a wee-bit more delicious (or more of a mouth-watering tease). Oscar Mayer just released a “wake up and smell the bacon app” – aaaahhh! Learn more about this scrumptious iPhone app via Mashable. 



For those yearning to make business + marketing connections at this year’s SXSW …Mashable found a way to make us all writhe in jealousy 


Speaking of apps…the Duck Tape game is now available for Android phones! Check it out via Google Play


“Laissez les bon temps rouler!” Pilot Pen writes on their FB page, in celebration of Mardi Gras this past Tuesday, “We’re taking our tops off ;)”