Best of Office Weekly Roundup 189

 DIY Lipstick out of CRAYONS?? Worth a shot? A creative idea, nonetheless


3 Professional Outfits for $250 or less!? Still pricey, but cute outfits, regardless. Boys only. Via Thrillist.

14 - 1

Clothespin street art’s the coolest! Via All-That-Is-Interesting


Now you can print… in 3D? Say whaaat! We don’t know about you guys, but the first thing we’re going to print are some palm trees and margaritas!


Sick and tired of spending money replacing batteries for your calculator? All of your power problems are about to be solved with the Hydro Calculator. Just add water and you are ready to go.


It’s a stapler…. but has no staples! This eco friendly stapler cuts out tiny strips of paper from the corner of your documents and uses them to stitch the pages together. Genius!


This delicious chocolate s’mores keyboard puts the term “crunching numbers” on a whole new level.


Vintage all the way! Love this cassette desk organizer.

Happy Friday, everyone!