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Best of Office Weekly Roundup 191


Apparently, school supply cakes are a thing. Love it.

There’s a trend on LinkedIn where successful influencers offer their advice to 22 year old grads. It’s pretty inspiring for anyone who’s confused about their career path & looking for scoopfuls of encouragement.

Beat the heat with a DIY air conditioner — YES!


The future of wearables! Thanks to The Atlantic 


How cute is this shelf filled with erasers!? Too bad I can’t find its exact web source.


The Riley Table by Sam McMorran is GORGEOUS. Via Design Milk 


LOL Would you bring this ugly mug into work?? More ugly mugs via Incredible Things


Seth Stevenson addresses the open office via Slate: “a newer vision of managementfeng shui involves an emphasis on availability, transparency, and the abolishment of physical hierarchies.”

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